Don't know what MOON treehouse is? Don't worry, nobody else does either, but that's kinda how we like it!

Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.'



― Arthur C. Clarke

HERE at MOON treehouse our philosophy is based on the lifestyle we are trying to achieve. THE brand stands for a lot more than meets the eye, offering freedom, good times and focusing on supporting local (planets and people) in the unrelenting quest for adventure and innovation. WE live in an ever changing world and MOON treehouse has direct support from our closest living aliens on the MOON.

OUR products are only limited by our imagination, and our imagination is limitless.


GREETINGS earthling, it's a pleasure to meet you. Even the vast galaxies of the internets has not stopped you from finding us, well done. So you want to know more about this secret "MOON treehouse" do you? Well sit back relax and let yee old mate tell you all about it...

BASICALLY we are aliens that live in a badass treehouse on the MOON, the end.


JUST kidding, it was back in 1969 when it all started, one of you earthlings came up to visit. But not to befriend us, all he did was stick some flag in the ground, grab some MOON stones and fly off! We were deeply offended, so much that as an alien alliance, we agreed that we must make our presence known on Earth. It took a few years but we finally built a rocket ship powerful enough to take a few of us there, but we only had enough alien fuel for a one way travel. Anyway, we ended up crashing in some guys back yard and both him and his friends were so nice to us, we decided to cut a deal. Us MOON treehouse dwellers are very artistic and were sick of not being recognised for it, so we put MOON pens to paper and drew up a contract that would see these guys' inspire and influence other humans through our weird but wonderful clothing and accessories, that we flaunt around the MOON. This was after a few heated arguments and a probing of ones' anus of course.... We learned that we did not need alien fuel to return to the MOON, but just 98% Octane fuel from BP, so we fueled up and rocketed home.


WE left our vision, ideas, and trust in these guys, and wanted only in return respect for our species and humans trotting around town in our sweet threads. This was the task at hand left for the guys to disperse our clothing when we send it down from the MOON Treehouse factory on the MOON. All we want is to spread the message of love, peace, and sacredness of the MOON Treehouse brand...and we hope humans can keep up their end of the bargain by wearing the $hit out of the sweet clothing made exclusively by MOON Treehouse.


BYE for now...


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