“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” - Arthur C. Clarke

What the heck is MOON treehouse?

FOUNDED in 2012, MOON treehouse has kept a low profile, experimenting with different designs and styles. We’re the silent underdog with a point to prove. Through black and white windows, our vision is to salute how far technology has come through digitally inspired clothing.... expression through mass contrast.

Unleash your creativity on one of our customizable tees and make it your own, as we want to inspire your personality and individuality. Wearing MOON treehouse represents the respect we have for our alien friends, and while we are still humans (just like you), we can visualise things through eyes not in this world, and want to help you do the same. No, we are not opening your 3rd eye, just giving you a glimpse into the unknown.

The humble pixel (square) is the foundation for a lot of our work. Every piece of digital art starts from the first pixel, as does a painting from the first stroke. We blend digital with physical to create our signature one off pieces, and draw the majority or our inspiration from that big old ball in the sky. The moon not only provides light in a time of darkness, but does much more. Our humble friend is a lifesaver, life giver and controls the tides of our harshest waters.

Our uncommon approach to expression through threads the is what gives us that unique edge. We are not just a brand for the masses, but for a more diverse group of current individuals who see that there is no need to be followers ~ but individualists.

4K this and 4K that, how about 8bit this and 8bit that?! We figure 8 is bigger, better and badder than 4 anyways, so we’re taking a step in the simpler direction, back to a time that inspired digital change, and dreamers were vast. MOON treehouse stamps it's mark strongly in the 80's era of innovation, design and dreaming big.

Join us on our epic journey of experimentation and good times...


2012 - 2015: This was the ‘what and who are we?’ and the ‘what are we to do?’ phase.In this time, the logo was created, and the foundations were set. We identified the purpose of MOON treehouse and set out to set up the framework and stability of the brand.

2015 - 2017: The more time went on, the more specific MOON treehouse became. Alot changed, and in this time we realised we were not going to be a ‘one size fits all’ brand. It was decided that we would re-visit and adjust our entire collaboration, and focus on sharing our philosophy through the brand to our peeps.

2018 - present: Things got serious... MOON treehouse was ready. The collection formed, and it was time after a number of years preparing, to plug the gateway between human and alien; earth and moon. On the 31st March, 2018, on the rise of the full moon, MOON treehouse enters this world in its entirety, and will be a force to be reckoned with.

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